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EducationThe oldest Russian publishing house removes Ukraine from its textbooks

The oldest Russian publishing house removes Ukraine from its textbooks

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Employees of one of the oldest publishers of Russian textbooks – “Enlightenment”, are forced to remove all references to Ukraine and Kyiv from textbooks.

Under the threat of dismissal, the editorial team urgently rewrote the textbooks, claims “Ukrainskaya Pravda”.

The course to “clean up” Ukraine and Kyiv from Russian textbooks began in 2014, and authors and editors are required to mention Ukraine as rarely and as neutrally as possible.

On the first day of the war, the publishing house’s employees received an oral order to remove references to Ukraine where possible. It turns out to be the most complicated for the team that makes history textbooks.

“We are forced to write textbooks as if Ukraine simply does not exist. It is much worse when the textbook simply does not talk about a country. One grows up without a base of knowledge about it and then it is much easier for him to believe of what they tell him about her on television. “

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