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InternationalThe crew of the first private flight to the ISS landed on...

The crew of the first private flight to the ISS landed on Earth

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

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Their 17-day tour cost $ 55 million per person

Three rich businessmen have returned safely to Earth from the International Space Station, the Associated Press reported, quoted by dariknews.bg.

The Dragon ship took three businessmen to the ISS on April 9 – 72-year-old Larry Connor of Dayton, Ohio, who runs the Connor Group, and 52-year-old Mark Patty, founder and CEO of Maverick Corp. in Montreal, Canada. , 64-year-old Israeli Eitan Stibe, a former fighter pilot, founder and partner at White Capital, and 63-year-old former NASA astronaut Michael Lopez-Allegria, who works at Axiom Space.

They spent two weeks at the station with seven professional astronauts: three Americans, one German and three Russians.

The four axioms from the Axiom Space sent to the ISS were the first fully commercial team of space tourists to arrive at the station. They brought with them to the ISS equipment for nearly 20 scientific experiments, biomedical research and technological demonstrations to be carried out in orbit, according to Reuters.

Returning with a SpaceX capsule, they landed in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida. This ended their 17-day tour, which cost them $ 55 million per person.

The trip was supposed to last a little over a week, but bad weather kept visitors in orbit for almost twice as long as expected.

“Welcome back to planet Earth,” SpaceX’s Southern California Air Traffic Control said. “We hope you enjoyed the extra few days in space.”

“An amazing mission,” said real estate mogul Larry Connor.

SpaceX will try to launch three NASA astronauts and an Italian to the space station on Wednesday. They will replace the three Americans and a German who have been there since November and will return to Earth.

Photo: Crew-4 astronauts, SpaceX.

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