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InternationalPolish border before war...

Polish border before war…

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The ultra-right in Germany armed themselves to prevent migrants from entering Poland through Belarus

Several members of the ultra-right group were detained in October 2021 by the police in Germany with weapons. They intended to prevent migrants from entering the country who entered neighboring Poland through the territory of Belarus.

A group of 50 people were armed with gas cartridges, and a bayonet, machete knife and police batons were also seized from them, police said.

They are believed to be supporters of the neo-Nazi far-right party “Third Way”, which called on its members to prevent illegal migrants from entering the country, whose number has grown significantly since August, across the Polish border.

A police spokesman said the ultra-right activists were disarmed and forced to leave the border area near the city of Guben, where they were held overnight from Saturday to Sunday.

Earlier, a demonstration against patrols organized by the ultra-right took place there. Its organizers told the German website Der Spiegel that they did not want to leave the area in the hands of neo-Nazis. “We want to show that the right to asylum is an inalienable human right,” they said.

The German authorities sent an additional 800 police officers to the border with Poland to identify illegal immigrants trying to enter the country through Belarus and Poland.

On Sunday, German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer noted that hundreds of police officers are currently at the border day and night and that he is “ready to increase their number even more.”

He also added that this year 6162 undocumented migrants arrived in Germany from Poland and Belarus. And if earlier this week he said that Germany has no intentions to close the border with Poland, then he said that it is possible that control at the border will be resumed. Although, according to him, this will already be included in the task of the new government.

Negotiations on a new ruling coalition in Germany have not yet ended. Their members, however, talk about significant progress, allowing them to expect to form a government by early December.

Germany has noticeably increased its police presence on the border with Poland.

Many EU countries accuse Belarus of knowingly bringing in illegal migrants and then sending them to the borders with Poland, Lithuania and Latvia to force the EU to ease or lift sanctions imposed for suppressing protests following Lukashenka’s unrecognized re-election last August, and for the repression that followed. Lukashenka denies these charges.

Photo: A poster with the inscription: “Against the old and new Nazis”. Demonstration against ultra-right attempts to stop migrants from Poland

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