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InternationalLarge-scale dismantling of monuments related to the Soviet Union in Ukraine

Large-scale dismantling of monuments related to the Soviet Union in Ukraine

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The mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko announced on social media that a large-scale dismantling of dozens of monuments related to the Soviet Union is being prepared. He also added that 460 streets will be renamed.

Friends! Today began dismantling the removal of the bronze sculpture of two workers. It was installed in the center of the capital in 1982 on the occasion of the celebration of the unification of Ukraine with Russia.

It is about 8 meters of metal, the so-called “friendship of two peoples”. Something symbolic happened – when the crane tried to lift the sculpture, the head of the Russian worker fell

The second sculptural composition, placed nearby, will be closed with tax materials. As the procedure is more difficult it will take longer. And before that it can be used as a space for exhibitions.

In total, we plan to dismantle in the capital about 60 more monuments, bas-reliefs, signs related to the Soviet Union and Russia.

We have prepared a list for renaming over 460 streets and sites, he wrote on social networks.

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