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CultureHow much is a tour and cappuccino at Dubai's Burj Al Arab...

How much is a tour and cappuccino at Dubai’s Burj Al Arab Hotel?

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

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The hotel is defined as 7-star, although officially such a category does not exist

Over the years, Dubai’s ultra-luxury Burj Al Arab Hotel has become a legend and an emblem of the luxury of the United Arab Emirates.

And if the night in the skyscraper is not in everyone’s pocket (about 1600 euros is the night in the cheapest room, and a night in the royal deluxe room is nearly 7700 euros per night), during the trip visitors can enter the same royal deluxe room – to view and take pictures.

Against the background of the spectacular prices for overnight stays, the trip is quite cheap – less than 100 euros per person.

Those interested can indulge themselves further by drinking a cup of tea in the lobby of the tower, a glass of champagne outdoors with sea views or a glass of “24-carat cappuccino Ultimate Gold”, which costs about 24 euros per person.

Excursions to the Burj Al Arab have only recently become available, while the neighboring Jumeirah Beach Hotel has long welcomed tour groups every 15 minutes. Until recently, the only way for someone to enter the Burj Al Arab was to book a room or eat at one of its luxury restaurants.

Exactly how luxurious is Burj Al Arab?

Shortly after its opening, a journalist who visited the hotel called it in his article “the first seven-star luxury hotel in the world”, given that in terms of quality and luxury it cannot be compared to other 5-star hotels.

There is no official “7-star” category, but to this day a number of ultra-luxury hotels around the world call themselves so to stand out with their exceptional services.

Some of the amenities that Burj Al Arab deserves its stars are a reception on each floor, tours and helicopter transfers, Ferrari and Lamborghini rentals, a 24-hour butler service and a 24-carat gold iPad in each room. The hotel also has the largest staff per room – eight people per room.

In October Dubai is once again entering world records with its new tourist attraction, which will receive its first visitors – the tallest and largest Ferris wheel.

Ain Dubai opened its booths for the first time on October 21, and tickets are now on sale.

Although not officially part of the Guinness Book of Records, the Ferris wheel is unsurpassed in size and will reveal to its visitors breathtaking views from a height of 250 meters.

Being in the country of luxury, the bike can not help but offer an exclusive experience for those who are willing to spend more money.

It features luxury cabins that can be rented for special events, serving fine dining as well as romantic dinners for couples – all with Dubai’s futuristic scenery in the background.

The booths can also host nightly private parties – a service that will allow those who are tired of the restrictions due to COVID-19 around the world to have fun, more than ever.

At night, the booths have spectacular lighting.

One turn of the wheel takes 38 minutes.

The Ferris wheel is located in the heart of Blue Waters.

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