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NewsConference focuses on being human and care for creation

Conference focuses on being human and care for creation

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Study Secretary of the Conference of European Churches (CEC) Rev. Dr Peter Pavlovic stresses the importance of care for creation as an integral part of theology – calling them inseparable pillars of Christian diaconia. He was participating in the conference titled “On the way to human being and to creation” organised by Silesian Diaconia with support of the Silesian Evangelical Church A.C. in Cesky Tesin, Czech Republic, on 12 April.

“Christianity doesn’t have any meaning without the created world. Acknowledgment of responsibility for creation and efforts for social and environmental justice needs to be visible components of public theology,” underlined Pavlovic, a keynote speaker.

“This is how we respond to God, to his call and his gift of creation. They are important for Christian identity and action,” he added

The conference was a response from the Silesian Evangelical Church A.C. and Silesian Evangelical Diaconia to the growing need for an acknowledgment of churches’ action on environmental challenges, natural degradation, climate concerns and growing economic uncertainties.

About 90 participants listened to speakers, who elaborated on key features of social diaconia, education and care for creation.

Participants of the conference were enriched by the inspiration offered by the keynote address focusing on biblical aspects of care for creation and their relation to the work of diaconia. They shared the view that relationship to God, to the neighbour and to creation need to provide together an integral frame for a meaningful action of the church in responding to social, economic and ecological challenges. Faith underpinning the action, addressing social needs and at the same time responding to ecological challenges is the source of inspiration and hope.  

Bishop of the Silesian Evangelical Church A.C. Tomas Tyrlik and director of the Silesian Diaconia Zuzana Filipkova encouraged participants to continue working to care for creation.

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