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InternationalSupermarkets are removing Russian goods from their shelves

Supermarkets are removing Russian goods from their shelves

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Hundreds of stores are already boycotting Russian products, including vodka

Shops in Denmark, Germany, Finland, Sweden and Australia have started boycotting and removing Russian goods from their shelves.

The German supermarket chain Netto Nord has announced that it will immediately boycott Russian goods, DPA reported.

The decision by the chain, which has about 340 stores in northern and eastern Germany, followed an earlier move by the parent company, Salling Group, Denmark’s largest retailer.

A spokesman for Netto Nord said all products made in Russia were being taken off the shelves in protest of the war in Ukraine. This affects about 15 items, including confectionery, ready meals and vodka.

The company also has stores in Denmark and Poland.

“The situation in Ukraine and the horrific footage of the war excite us all,” said Henrik Winter Olessen, communications director at the Salling Group. In Poland, the company offers basic consumables for agencies caring for Ukrainian refugees, he added.

State-owned companies responsible for the retail sale of alcoholic beverages in Finland and Sweden announced last night that they had withdrawn all Russian beverages from stores, AFP reported.

The Finnish company Alko clarified that Russian drinks have also been withdrawn from online sales. Spokeswoman Anu Koskinen said the situation in Ukraine was shocking.

The group offers over 11,000 products, of which thirty are Russian, most of them vodka.

The measure is symbolic, as it covers 0.1 per cent of Alko’s turnover, but was taken in solidarity with Ukraine, as did other Finnish companies such as S, which brings together a number of companies that withdrew about 50 products. .

In neighboring Sweden, Systembolaget made a similar decision. The state-owned company decided to immediately and indefinitely suspend the sale of all Russian goods and cancel all presentations of Russian products.

In Australia, the Ukrainian diaspora has forced the largest chain of alcohol sales “Endeavor group” to stop selling Russian vodka in its stores, TASS reported. The company’s press service announced that the Russian goods will be withdrawn from sale within a few days, including on the Internet.

The sale of Russian vodka has also been banned in some US states, including Pennsylvania.

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