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InternationalMuslims in Ukraine address Ramzan Kadyrov

Muslims in Ukraine address Ramzan Kadyrov

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The leader of the Muslim community in Ukraine, Sheikh Said Ismagilov, addressed Russian Muslims who have been mobilized in the Russian army.

“Why did you come to kill us? Why are you sending your thugs to kill us ?! ” Sheikh Said Ismagilov said this in a video address.

He said Ukraine does not need “rescue”. He accused Russian forces of firing on a mosque and killing Muslims.

He thus replied to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who justified his military invasion of the West on the grounds that he was fighting Nazism.

Sheikh Saeed Ismagilov did not fail to ask Muslims around the world to support Ukraine’s struggle for survival.

In the first days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Ramzan Kadyrov did not acknowledge the mobilization of Chechen fighters, but only announced on March 1 that two Chechens had died in Ukraine.

For its part, Ukraine’s ground forces have circulated on social media urging personnel to stay in Ukraine.

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