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NewsFilippo Di Nardo, nicknamed "The Godfather of boxing gloves" dissociates himself from...

Filippo Di Nardo, nicknamed “The Godfather of boxing gloves” dissociates himself from the English line of sportswear

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TORINO, ITALY, March 31, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — We inform you that Filippo Di Nardo is no longer associated with the sportswear department, in fact he has never been, clothing and equipment have always been two things completely different from each other and managed by two different companies.

The Di Nardo branded sportswear line enters the market in 2020.

In the first period, this line, seemed destined to be a success, but less than a year after its launch, customers began to complain about the after-sales service, inexistent contacts, email addresses to which no one answers, and here it is, the perfect storm

Filippo Di Nardo therefore, being repeatedly contacted by dissatisfied customers and fed up with being ignored by the English company responsible for the management of sportswear, and after helping them to solve their problems, from Italy, he firmly decided to distance himself by this company, as a matter of fact, there is already a damage of image towards the Godfather of boxing gloves.

We therefore invite you, in case of problems with the UK-based sportswear department, not to contact Filippo Di Nardo as he will not accept any complaint addressed to him, and will not intervene in any way to resolve it.

Filippo Di Nardo deals solely and exclusively with the creation of the equipment in Italy, in the country where he currently resides and responds only in the name of the product he produces. Anyone who has purchased one of his creations knows perfectly well the excellence and professionalism of his service.

For now there are no further updates on this story, in fact, however, by taking a tour on the net to find more information, we could see that the public Estimates and Admires the Godfather of boxing gloves (Filippo Di Nardo) excellent is his reputation as a craftsman, as his gloves are considered authentic works of art.

Certainly the same cannot be said of clothing, of which, without detracting from the quality of the garments that seem to have been appreciated, in fact, some of the reviews seen on the net are certainly not the most flattering.

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