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What the Red Planet will be able to supply to the colonies of the solar system

The American scientist proposes to create on Mars the production of hydrogen, which will become one of the most valuable elements of the space economy.

In his new article, Mikhail Shubov of the University of Massachusetts in Lowell proposes to create hydrogen production on Mars after a colony is established there. The most abundant element in the universe will play an important role in the economy of the future, so such possible production could become a reality, according to universetoday.com.

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There is a lot of hydrogen on Jupiter or even on the Sun, but its production there will not be entirely profitable. Asteroids have water that can be used to extract hydrogen, but there is also little to meet the needs of the future solar system for this valuable element, Shubov says.

That is why the scientist turned his attention to Mars. Hydrogen on the Red Planet is found in water, which is in the form of ice. Scientists estimate that there are more than 5 million km3 of ice on or near the surface of Mars. Therefore, the colonists will be able to use this water to support the life of the colony, and send the rest to the production of hydrogen, Shubov suggests.

According to the scientist, the production of hydrogen will be profitable when hydrogen is massively used in the surrounding space, and secondly, the colony itself reaches such a level of development that it will be able to engage in such production.

Shubov claims that the process of extracting hydrogen can be started only when about 10,000 people will live in the future Martian colony.

However, this is not the only condition. Still, according to the scientist, it is necessary to build an infrastructure to send hydrogen beyond Mars. It should be a special launcher that will send a “package” of hydrogen into orbit.

And from orbit, the scientist proposes to send this hydrogen at first only to Earth, until other colonies in the solar system need this hydrogen. According to Shubov, this could radically change the economy of the future solar system.

Photo: Universe Today | Colony on Mars as seen by the artist

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