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AfricaAfrica and its Diaspora – Overcoming the Injustices of Slavery Connections and...

Africa and its Diaspora – Overcoming the Injustices of Slavery Connections and Revivals

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An African human rights and cultural development organisation, AIDO, has launched its most ambitious project yet – to bring the African continent closer to its estranged diaspora.

The slavery and the transport of millions of African people under appalling conditions is one of the most egregious examples of human rights abuse and criminality that still carries with it a damaging social impact to this day. The overwhelming burden of responsibility towards slavery rests on the shoulders of the colonial powers in Africa and have left many in the African diaspora distanced and not even aware of their roots. Blacks in the United States are a prime example of both these matters.

AIDO (African International Development Organisation) is working to bring about a synergy between the African continent and its diaspora – particularly throughout the Americas – and is holding their Grand Royal Summit in August 2022 as the focus of its annual convention. The Tears of Love summit is being held in cooperation with the prestigious African American human rights advocacy organisation, Saint Louis Black Woman and Diaspora African Kingdoms Alliance (DAKA), both are aimed at bringing Africans closer together and developing cultural, human rights and business connections. Around thirty African royalties are planning to attend the convention.

0. Eganda His Royal Highness Paul and Lady Highness Grace Eganda Mrs Africa and its Diaspora – Overcoming the Injustices of Slavery Connections and Revivals
HH Paul Eganda and HH Grace Eganda

AIDO President, His Highness Paul Eganda, himself, a Prince and a Global Chief, from Ateker Iteso people of East Africa summed up the potential when talking to our reporter, “We, just like many people in the world, know that Africa’s offsprings – wherever they are in the world still live as despised, discriminated and deprived people – often treated as lesser human beings. This is just one of the negative legacies of slavery. Much has been said about it from BLM activism to UN declarations. We continue to support awareness-raising on this subject and through our work we are also making known the rich cultural heritage of Africa and bringing a sense of pride, belonging and self-respect to our people, wherever they are from.

We also hope that the preachers of the message that civilisation was taken to Africa from the West will start to ask themselves questions about the veracity of the information they keep spreading. It may surprise many that present-day African Kings and Queens trace their origins from as far back as 3000 years. Emperors such as Sundiata Keita (circa1235) and many others – not to mention the Egyptian Pharaohs[1] who are well documented in the Bible. This dignified and powerful ancestry will be made clear and practically demonstrated by the visiting African traditional rulers and we intend it, to have a significant beneficial spiritual uplift amongst African descendants overseas.” added AIDO’s Vice President Amb. Ireneo Namboka.


Ubuntu is an African concept embracing human rights along with love and fellowship for one another. AIDO’s approach to community development is based around Ubuntu and on the maintenance of good traditions, culture and heritage. Traditional African Kings and Queens as well as other traditional leaders have been working with AIDO for some years now and as the movement continues to grow there are also many “modern leaders” – Presidents, Ministers, faith leaders as well as entrepreneurs taking an interest in this initiative of forging closer ties with Africa’s diaspora. A commitment to the event has also been shown by CARICOM, an organisation that promotes and supports a unified Caribbean Community that is inclusive, resilient and competitive, sharing in economic, social and cultural prosperity.

Ambassador Namboka, previously a UN Human Rights specialist, is intimately involved in the event’s organisation. “I have experienced the trials and tribulations, the poverty of Africa, its beauty and its tragedies. I have had the privilege to serve for over a decade with the United Nations – thus becoming familiar with the challenges African people are confronted with. Today, I continue my work through AIDO and aim to bring about greater equality and financial regeneration in these parts of the world. It’s a long haul but the work has to be done and AIDO is making its contribution. In the USA we already have a lot of interest from the African diaspora there and our main partners, STL Black Woman and the Diaspora African Kingdom Alliance.”

As one of AIDO’s key US partner, St Louis Black Woman epitomises the spirit of African American self-esteem and respect for the black woman. They share AIDO’s ideals such as respect for African cultural values, being the voice of the voiceless and bringing about community upliftment. DAKA’s CEO, HRH Queen Ameenata told us, “We have inherited a legacy from our ancestors, and it is that legacy which we must continue.  We are the legacy that we leave behind for future generations to follow.” DAKA will provide a platform that brings together African stakeholders and the descendants of Africa in the Americas to universally connect, celebrate and engage critically with each other on topics and ideas that build unity and promote brotherhood for all people of African Descent and for future generations to see, emulate and learn from.

AIDO leadership was insistent on making the point that the organisation is inclusive in matters of religious faiths, cultures, and races. They further revealed that they have many friends from Europe who support their activities, playing an important role in AIDO. “Whilst we have a focus on restoring the culture, rights and dignity of the Africans and all people of African descent, we are not blind to the fact that ultimately, all humanity belongs to one race.

AIDO is registered in the UK where President Eganda currently resides as he develops the organisation. Ambassador Namboka lives in Geneva. There are many chapters of AIDO throughout Africa and other Western counties. For more information see aidonetwork.org.

[1] For example Pharaoh Thutmose III, often regarded as the greatest of the rulers of ancient Egypt. Thutmose III was a skilled warrior who brought the Egyptian empire to the zenith of its power by conquering all of Syria, crossing the Euphrates (see Tigris-Euphrates river system) to defeat the Mitannians, and penetrating south along the Nile River to Napata in the Sudan. He also built a great number of temples and monuments to commemorate his deeds. Encyclopaedia Britannica – on Line.

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