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SocietyWhy curtains are banned in Sweden

Why curtains are banned in Sweden

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

The country has a law passed in the 17th century banning window curtains

Sweden can easily claim to be the strangest country in the world. And all this thanks to the laws and traditions used there.

Men in Sweden, for example, go on maternity leave (at the same time often their employer pays extra over the legal limit so that their salary is fully preserved), children have the right to eat sweets for more than three years and only on Saturdays, put children to sleep in the cold and not hang curtains on the windows, writes pochivka.blitz.bg.

Tourists are having fun: probably the country has passed a law on curtains, otherwise who in their right mind would leave the windows bare? But this is no joke – Sweden does have a law banning window curtains.

The strange document was adopted in the 17th century and several reasons are given as a basis. First, even then, Sweden sought a common “leveling”, that is, to ensure that the standard of living for all was approximately the same. But behind the curtains you can’t see what the standard of living is. Second, law enforcement officers had to make sure that order in the cities was respected.

There are two more versions

One of them says that the earlier wives waited for their sailor husbands and left candles on the windows so as not to get lost in the dark night city. As the flames could ignite the curtains, the Swedes unanimously got rid of them.

In a less romantic version, the lack of curtains is associated with a short winter day. For example, why artificially block light when there is already very little of it?

Now in Sweden, this law is not mandatory at all. And many are happy to block their windows and often not with curtains, but with the help of special screens outside – yet the Swedes have not stopped loving candles in the evening.

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