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ReligionChristianityThe building of the Georgian Patriarchate was quarantined

The building of the Georgian Patriarchate was quarantined

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A complete quarantine has been announced in the building of the Georgian Patriarchate due to the increased number of sick employees with the variant of the coronavirus “Omicron”. This was announced on February 12 by Mtavari TV and the Secretary of the Georgian Patriarch Elijah ΙΙ Mikhail Botkoveli.

Mikhail Botkovoli said many people in the patriarchate, including himself, had fallen ill. “For this reason, we have announced quarantine and entry into the patriarchate building is as limited as possible.” Several nuns in the monastery, located in the courtyard of the patriarchate, are also ill. They have no contact with other employees. “Patriarch Elijah is not infected and his condition is satisfactory, “added his secretary.

Georgia is currently at the peak of the pandemic, with nearly 20,000 new cases being registered every day. Thirty-two percent of the population, according to official figures, has fallen ill, and nearly sixteen thousand have died.

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