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ENTERTAINMENTSuperhuman force: Hercules of Iran pulls 43-ton plane

Superhuman force: Hercules of Iran pulls 43-ton plane

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Seyed Afshin Mobasher, also known as “Hercules of Iran”, showed his strength in Tehran by pulling a 43-tonne MD (McDonnell Douglas) plane at 14.72 meters in 36 seconds, according to Ruptly.

For this purpose he uses a specially made belt.

People watched in amazement and took many pictures of the venture.

Ali Asgar Ebadi, CEO of Sky King, commented on the achievement, saying: “Because Afshin is extremely large in stature, no belt was right for him. The ones we had didn’t work. Others were torn. So we have made a special one, the first in the world that can withstand weights of about 45 tons “.

“This is a good achievement. We are registering it as a national record in Iranian sport and we hope it will break the Guinness World Record in this field,” said Hadi Rezai, head of the Iranian Sport Records Registration Commission for all federations.

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