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NewsSpanish fighter jets guarding Bulgaria alert over foreign planes over Black Sea

Spanish fighter jets guarding Bulgaria alert over foreign planes over Black Sea

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Two of the Spanish fighters, who arrived to guard the Bulgarian sky, were alerted yesterday morning. They took off from Graf Ignatievo Air Base and carried out a mission against violators of our airspace in the Black Sea. This was announced by the Chief of Defense Admiral Emil Eftimov and the Spanish Commander Jesus Salazar, quoted by Nova TV. The two spoke after the certification ceremony of the Bulgarian and Spanish crews, which will be on joint duty to protect Bulgarian airspace.

Foreign planes traveling in the eastern zone over the Black Sea were spotted. However, the Spanish pilots were unable to identify them as they withdrew quickly.

Later in the day, the Ministry of Defense clarified that “today there was air activity on the border of our area of ​​responsibility.” This was necessary due to “activity in the international airspace over the Black Sea”.

“Similar actions are performed weekly by the Bulgarian MiG-29 when approaching foreign aircraft to a regulated perimeter near the Bulgarian airspace. We categorically state that there are no grounds for concern because the Bulgarian air borders have not been violated in any way,” reads the position. the ministry.

Four Eurofighter EF-2000 Typhoon II aircraft from the Spanish Air Force landed in Bulgaria on 11 February. 130 Spanish servicemen will perform tasks on enhanced air policing together with their colleagues from the Bulgarian Air Force. The crews arrived from the air base in Albasate. They are the blade of the Strela aerotactic squad. When performing the joint tasks of Air Policing, the Bulgarian fighters on duty will be used as a priority. The mission is implementing measures to ensure the security of NATO member countries on the Eastern Flank, and will be implemented under the plans and procedures of the Alliance’s Integrated Air and Missile Defense System (NATINAMDS).

Photo © Ministry of Defense of Bulgaria

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