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InternationalScientologists say at SuperBowl "You can rise"

Scientologists say at SuperBowl “You can rise”

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The fans of SuperBowl, probably the biggest sports final event if not worldwide at least in America, are now getting used as now rooted tradition, to discover the latest ad message from Scientology.

Aired during the biggest competitive event in the US, Scientology’s new Super Bowl ad is a reminder that “the most formidable obstacle standing between you and your goals probably isn’t a 330lb linebacker … it’s you.” says the press statement issued by the producers of the ad, Scientology Media Productions.

Can giants be tied down?

Entitled “We Are Giants,” the ad is anchored in the theme, “You are a giant tied down with string, and at any moment you can rise,” and concludes with the statement, “The only question is how?” This is the tenth consecutive year Scientology has premiered a new ad in the Super Bowl, and it invites curious and searchers to discover themselves through visiting a church of Scientology and filling in a quite comprehensive “personality test” known as the “Oxford Capacity Analysis“.

With stunning cinematography set to an uplifting original song, written and produced by Scientology Media Productions, this year’s Scientology Super Bowl ad continues a tradition of creating intriguing and engaging messages. The 2022 ad directs viewers to Scientology.tv, the live-streaming site for Scientology Network.

On top of it, the Scientologists have released their ad in over 15 languages, and at the time of this article (since February 13th) have surpassed the 2 million. [UPDATED: 5 million views in 5 days]

Scientologists say at SuperBowl “You can rise”
Scientologists say at SuperBowl "You can rise" 2

One can watch it here on all the languages available. You may be a Scientologist or not, but truth be said, their ads improve year after year.

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  1. Yes, the Scientology, spiritual studies are extremely uplifting and nondenominational for anyone who cares to look and help themselves as God help those who help themselves.

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