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EuropeRussian opposition “disorganized” - War situation in Russia

Russian opposition “disorganized” – War situation in Russia

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João Ruy Faustino
João Ruy Faustino
João Ruy is a Portuguese freelancer who writes about European political actuality for The European Times. He is also a contributor for Revista BANG! and a former writer for Central Comics and Bandas Desenhadas.

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The source for this article chose to maintain anonymity.

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine enters its 6th day, the situation in Russia gets worse and worse. Not only for the opposition but for all Russians. There are “many” people against the war, but most are afraid to speak out, mainly because most people are public servants or work for oligarch-owned companies, and so don’t want to lose their jobs.

“The people who are against the war want to protest but are too afraid to lose their jobs, get jailed, pay fines or just get hardly beaten by the police…”

The number of people arrested in protests against the war and Putin’s regime are already in the thousands, most sources say.

“The Russian opposition is disorganized, as many left the country or were jailed after Alexander Navalny’s return last year.” – “(…) the Russians aren’t really used to self-organization, especially in protest activity.”

As the western sanctions get tougher and tougher, the economic situation in Russia is starting to get desperate.

“Right now many people are storming shops to buy cars, electronics, and other items before the sanctions go into effect.” – Many international corporations have already said that they will stop imports to Russia.

“My friend told me that many people rushed to buy dollars and euros, as the rouble has become insanely volatile, but the Russian banks are having problems providing for the population.”

According to the source, Russians are having issues entering social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. “The Russian state announced that it will slow social media sites on Russian territory as the companies declined to stop calling Russian media outlets reports as “fake news”.

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