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ReligionPriest called personal growth trainings

Priest called personal growth trainings

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Personal growth training, as a rule, consists in “training” a person so that he endures humiliation and insults and “goes over his head” himself, while a positive approach is in the creative disclosure of people, the priest believes Pyotr Kolomeytsev.

“As a rule, these trainings consist in the fact that a person is taught to easily endure frustrations, that is, so that he gets used to being humiliated, insulted. And secondly, so that he himself can also insult, humiliate and go over their heads. And that’s all is worked out to automatism. Thus, a person does not grow as a person – it’s just training. A person becomes trained for beatings and for going over their own heads, “Kolomeitsev told RIA Novosti on January 28.

The strategy of training for personal growth, he noted, is usually not aimed at developing a person’s personality and therapy, and the long history of such trainings is accompanied by numerous lawsuits.

“Somewhere they are already officially banned, because they inflict psychological trauma on a person. <…> Setting that you need to strongly desire something – and desires materialize, diverge from what a person really needs. A person needs to analyze it own resources and capabilities, analysis of his problems. But simply wishing is at the level of the occult,” the priest said.

However, he allowed for the possibility of positive training and workshops. “If they are simply focused on success, this is one thing, and if you yourself are the main success, this is the most interesting thing. The most interesting thing is when a person reveals himself creatively, this is the most valuable thing,” concluded the deputy dean of the Faculty of Psychology of the RPU.

© Photo: photo by Maria Temnova, RPU

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