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BooksLodi musher's books heading to the big screen

Lodi musher’s books heading to the big screen

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LODI, Wis. — The relationship between a human and dog can develop into something extraordinary, and it can take you places that some only dream about.

Deb “Danny” Glenn participated in Alaska’s Iditarod in 2009, and it was on that journey that her next great adventure would reveal itself.

“I was at mush camp and I was training to run the Iditarod and I had Aashka there with me,” she recalled. “… She was a little rescue that had a heart of gold with an adventurous spirit, so, well, we bonded right away. And she’s the littlest sled dog.”

That became the title of her first children’s book in the Aashka Adventure series.

“Right now I’ve got seven books, and I could write a gazillion of them because the sled dogs really teach us about life,” she said.

The books cover a range of topics from bullying to identity issues, saving for the future and the value of teamwork.

The powerful lessons have relevance even to adults.

“Adults find value in them, too,” Glenn said. “I mean, look at what we go through when we have to transfer jobs or when we go through a divorce or when we have a tragedy in our life. I mean, we still need to find hope. We need to find courage. We need to find equal poise as we’re trying to sort through these things.”

What Glenn found was more inspiration. That led her to write a 400-page manuscript for a full-length animated feature film.

It took her 30 days amid the pandemic to write the manuscript. Now, Disney is creating animated versions of the cast and characters like Hudson, who will be voiced by Hollywood actor Kevin Sorbo. Wynonna Judd has said she’s interested in playing the role of Tinderbox.

By the end of 2023, Aashka will shine on the silver screen.

Glenn’s message: “Above all, the timing of this movie right now, that hope is the light in all of us when we work together for a greater purpose with purpose-driven love.”

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