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CharitiesLitter Free Norbury Community Update – February 2022

Litter Free Norbury Community Update – February 2022

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Litter Free Norbury Community Update – February 2022

Litter Free Norbury (‘LFN’), the charitable organisation based in Croydon, which strives to make Norbury, London, a nicer place, free of litter and fly tipping. At the beginning of 2021, a business charter was created to recruit businesses in the area who want to commit to having a cleaner, safer, and nicer Norbury for the community. LFN is also having community events monthly (more info : https://www.litterfreenorbury.org), and also has created a NFT series (Non-Fungible Tokens), on the series Litter Heroes, to reward our litter-pickers. These can be found on the marketplace OpenSea ( https://web.archive.org/web/20220109000754/https://opensea.io/collection/litterheroes ).

We now have five businesses who are part of LFN’s business charter:

  • Karachi Cuisine, 1113-1115 London Rd, London SW16 4XD

Karachi Cuisine is already a recognised established business in Norbury, known for its fine and delightful cuisine. Karachi is now a landmark in support of a cleaner Norbury.

  • Purple Panda Nursery, 53 Norbury Crescent, Norbury, London SW16 4JS

This spirited nursery opened on a busy road, which is frequently targeted by litterbugs and other fly-tippers. They are doing an excellent job in creating and maintaining a clean environment for children. They are now also a landmark in support of a cleaner Norbury.

  • CJ Barber Lounge, 1122 London Rd, Norbury, London SW16 4DT

CJ Barber Lounge have been doing their best to make it a more welcoming area, since the owner Chris has felt the area is going downhill. They have a strong cleaning routine for the shop front and always maintain this. He is also an excellent barber. They are now also a landmark in support of a cleaner Norbury.

  • CAVA-RI Bar, 1136-1138, London Rd, Norbury SW16 4DS

CAVA-RI is a great bar, and the two owners (Anna and Selena) are committed in making sure that they help the community in many ways, such as going out of their way and cleaning part of the street where their bar is located. They are now also a landmark in support of a cleaner Norbury.

  • Perfection Barber’s, 1170 London Rd, Norbury, SW16 4DP

Perfection Barber’s has always been around the community and the owner, Kevin, thrives to serve it. Kevin wants to make a difference and help the community, having a strong cleaning routine at his shop front. He is also another excellent barber. They are now also a landmark in support of a cleaner Norbury.


LFN would like to welcome other businesses along the high street. Our goals should be mutual and to communicate together and agree on creating a better environment for our children, community, and visitors.

This is achievable and not too far-off, so we can make it happen! If we continue with our current efforts in litter picking, fighting fly tipping (through/ via the Love Clean Street app) and signing up more businesses in the community who want to support and encourage others to keep the front of their premises clean and inviting.

Part of our action has already seen more street bins introduced on London Road, Norbury High Street, as well as advising the Trading Estate in Norbury (on Craignish Avenue) to combat litter and fly tipping, which has been an ongoing battle. We currently have around 130 members from this area in a support group at present and 330 signatures on our petition page.

Press release distributed by Pressat on behalf of Litter Free Norbury, on Monday 7 February, 2022. For more information subscribe and follow https://pressat.co.uk/

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