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AsiaIs forced Organ Harvesting a problem for the Europeans to tackle?

Is forced Organ Harvesting a problem for the Europeans to tackle?

5 NGOs launched the Universal Declaration on Combating and Preventing Forced Organ Harvesting

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5 NGOs launched the Universal Declaration on Combating and Preventing Forced Organ Harvesting

There seems to be no question, that the availability of certain organs may be life-saving, especially in regions such as Europe and North America.

But what happens if that organ would come from forced harvesting as it happens, according to more and more NGOs, in countries like China? Is Europe prepared to force any “guilty” country to stop?

During last year’s UN General Assembly in September, “World Summit on Combating and Preventing Forced Organ Harvesting,” (co-hosted by 5 NGOs from the US, Europe, and Asia and including a series of six online webinars), was held from Sept. 17 to 26 and brought together 38 experts from 19 countries around the globe. According to the statistics compiled by the event organizers, the World Summit has garnered several hundred thousand views.

At the end of the World Summit, the organizers launched the Universal Declaration on Combating and Preventing Forced Organ Harvesting, also referred to as UDCPFOH, calling on the entire human race to support the concerted endeavour to cease the atrocity of forced organ harvesting committed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The UDCPFOH is jointly launched by five initiating NGOs: “Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH)” from the United States, “CAP Freedom of Conscience” from Europe, “Transplant Tourism Research Association (TTRA)” from Japan, “Korea Association for Ethical Organ Transplants (KAEOT)” from South Korea, and “Taiwan Association for International Care of Organ Transplants (TAICOT)” from Taiwan.

The initiating organizations assert that the UDCPFOH is the most solemn declarative instrument, striving to ensure that, as a collective people of the 21st century, we will resolve to cease the most diabolical atrocity of forced organ harvesting by the CCP.

The UDCPFOH builds on the foundation of inalienable rights which cannot be deprived by any person or regime and lays bare the core principles of the most fundamental universal values, including the inviolability of human dignity and the protection of human life, body, and freedom. The UDCPFOH also proposes measures to combat and prevent the CCP’s forced organ harvesting from gravely violating the value of human existence.

Find more about the Universal Declaration on Combating and Preventing Forced Organ Harvesting.


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