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InternationalImportant changes concerning the rights and interests of the Russian Orthodox Church...

Important changes concerning the rights and interests of the Russian Orthodox Church introduced to legislation in 2021

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A collection (2021, issue 3) has been published in the “Library of the Parish Journal” series, containing explanations of important changes regarding the rights and interests of the Russian Orthodox Church, made to the legislation in 2021, Patriarchia.ru reports.

The commentary was prepared by the head of the Legal Department of the Moscow Patriarchate, Abbess Xenia (Chernega).

The changes affect a wide range of issues related to the activities of religious organizations, including benefits, construction, economic activities, ensuring the secrecy of a bank account, etc.

* * *

Contents of the collection

1. The use of the official name “Russian Federation” or “Russia” in the names of religious organizations, as well as words derived from this name

2. New land tax relief

3. Cancellation of the declarative procedure for granting land tax benefits

4. Prevention of splitting tendencies

5. Use of information about religion in the names of legal entities that are not religious organizations

6. New opportunities for religious organizations in the field of gratuitous receipt of property for religious purposes and property that meets the criteria established by paragraph 3 of Art. 5, paragraph 1. Art. 12 of Federal Law No. 327-FZ of November 30, 2010 “On the Transfer of State or Municipal Property for Religious Purposes to Religious Organizations”

7. State accreditation of clergy and persons from among religious personnel who have been trained in educational programs aimed at training clergy and religious personnel in foreign educational organizations (centers)

8. Ensuring the secrecy of the bank account of religious organizations

9. The right of religious organizations to build on the lands of the forest fund

10. Exemption from certification of guides (guides) of religious organizations and pilgrimage services

11. Preferential gas tariff

12. New form of pension insurance “Information on insured persons (SZV-M)”

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