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InternationalHouse of Lords supports Bulgaria and the Bulgarians in Ukraine

House of Lords supports Bulgaria and the Bulgarians in Ukraine

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The first successfully evacuated Bulgarians from Ukraine arrived in Moldova.

The House of Lords in England called for solidarity with Bulgaria against the background of the difficult situation in Ukraine, where battles are being fought in areas with a compact Bulgarian minority, BGNES reported.

During today’s meeting, Baroness Patricia Rawlings said that Russia’s hostilities were taking place very close to “our Bulgarian allies.”

“It is a fact that in the first hours of the Russian aggression most victims fell around the city of Odessa, south of which lives a 300,000-strong Bulgarian minority closely linked to Bulgaria,” she said, adding: “At any moment we can expect humanitarian crisis and waves of refugees that could pose even greater challenges to our Bulgarian allies. “

For this reason, Baroness Rawlings calls for a strong and extreme expression of British solidarity and support for the countries on the southern tip of NATO’s eastern flank.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the latest information on the evacuation from Ukraine

Meanwhile, the first successfully evacuated Bulgarians from Ukraine arrived in Moldova.

Two buses with Bulgarian citizens evacuated from Odessa, Ukraine, crossed the Moldovan border. With the assistance of our Consul General in Odessa, the buses were escorted by the Ukrainian police services for their smooth movement to the border.

Our compatriots traveling in personal motor vehicles were also included in the column, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced.

Diplomatic representatives of the Republic of Bulgaria have been sent to Romania and Moldova to provide the necessary assistance to our compatriots.

On the initiative and under the leadership of the new regional governor of the District with administrative center Varna – Blagomir Kotsev, a Regional Coordination Council was formed in connection with the crisis in Ukraine, the Regional Administration in Varna announced.

Its main activity will be related to the preparation for the reception of refugees in the region. The composition of the Council will include representatives of the Municipality of Varna, RHI – Varna, Border Police, OD of the Ministry of Interior – Varna, RDSP – Varna, hospitals and others. institutions.

The Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association is ready to open some of the hotels in Sunny Beach for refugees from Ukraine. A proposal was also made by the Ministry of Tourism, BGNES reports. The hoteliers set a condition for the state to cover the costs of accommodation and food for the people, because the hotels are currently closed and staff has to be hired. Talks have already been held with some of the hoteliers in the resort, and they have sent a letter to the relevant ministry with a proposal to set a price for all hotels. At this stage, 10,000 beds can be provided.

Hoteliers in Sunny Beach are also ready to hire people from Ukraine. “You know that in our country there is a lack of staff in all industries, especially in our industry, in tourism. I work with Ukrainians and Bulgarians from Ukraine and I am very pleased with them for several years,” said the association.

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