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InternationalGeorgian Patriarch Elijah supported the territorial integrity of Ukraine

Georgian Patriarch Elijah supported the territorial integrity of Ukraine

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The Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Elijah II issued a statement on the Russian military invasion of Ukraine. The head of the Georgian Church said his country also had this bitter experience and called for world peace.

In particular, his statement said:

“Based on Georgia’s bitter experience, we know how important the country’s territorial integrity is. That is why we are watching the tense situation in Ukraine with pain. We note that yesterday’s and today’s events are a serious threat of bloodshed, although there is still room for regulation. It is also an opportunity to preserve world peace. We ask the Holy Trinity to bring peace to the people of Ukraine and to the whole world. May the God of peace be with everyone! Amen! ”

Russia invaded Georgia in 2008. Similarly, Russian troops entered Georgian territory under the pretext of supporting separatist areas in South Ossetia and Abkhazia, and then continued to enter western and central Georgia. The victims of the war are several thousand and the refugees – 160 thousand.

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