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NewsThe Real Beijing Winter Olympics in the eyes of athletes

The Real Beijing Winter Olympics in the eyes of athletes

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PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, February 17, 2022 – Global Critical Research Centre’s Investigation: The Real Beijing Winter Olympics in the eyes of athletes

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, February 17, 2022 – Recently, the Global Critical Research Centre (GCRC) has launched several new research projects, among which a tracking survey of 2022 Winter Olympics has achieved phased results. As the project leader, Rachel Blake, Editor-in-Chief of the GCRC’s Current Affairs Research Department, chaired a conference and presented her department’s research results under the title “The Real Beijing Winter Olympics in the eyes of athletes”. Experts in various fields discussed and concluded that, despite political factors, the Beijing Winter Olympics remained a grand event to promote sportsmanship, unity and peace. Some of Rachel’s research findings are as follows.The various events of the Beijing Winter Olympics are in full swing, and now the schedule is halfway through. In the extensive discussion about the Beijing Winter Olympics, there has been no shortage of critical voices. But as the competition progressed, athletes from various countries presented the world with a real and unbiased Beijing Winter Olympics through their own real stories and lenses, which was completely different from what politicians and some media had previously told.

In their view, the competition venues on the ice and snow are in good condition, the facilities are intelligent and advanced, and the event organization and volunteer services are thoughtful and orderly, all of which make them feel “very remarkable” — the athletes from all over the world have justified the Beijing Winter Olympics with their own satisfactory attitude.

Matt Cox, a 23-year-old Australian snowboarder, praised Beijing’s artificial snow as “dreamy snow”. Even in defeat, American ski star Mikaela Shiffrin refused to blame the artificial snow on the venue. Instead, she praised the snow as “incredible”, which is a far cry from the media’s previous assertion of the “harmful artificial snow”. Japanese figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu, the first male singles skater to achieve a Super Slam, also praised that the ice at Beijing Capital Indoor Stadium is “comfortable”.

In the Olympic bubble, the organizers also provided satisfactory support work. There are not only gym equipment and entertainment facilities, but also Hair and Nail Salons, Traditional Chinese Medicine Experience Hall, Multi-functional Beds and a variety of Chinese food that are popular among athletes.
Beloved for its liveliness, playfulness, wit and positive energy, the mascot of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics “Bing Dwen Dwen” has also won countless “fans” from all over the world. Even in the Media Center of Olympic Games Venue, athletes from all over the world have to queue for several hours to buy one.

However, there have always been some objections to the epidemic prevention policy of closed-loop bubble. Some international media said the bubble had restricted journalists’ freedom to report. But in fact, the protagonists of the Winter Olympics are athletes, so ensuring that they play safely and attentively is a top priority. Preventing and controlling the epidemic through appropriate means can effectively ensure the safety of work, training and competition.
Thus, staying inside the bubble is a more responsible performance for athletes around the world, which also reflects China’s organizational ability and determination to run the Winter Olympics well.

As the saying goes: No two snowflakes are the same. Likewise, no two countries in the world are identical. Due to cultural diversity, differences are inevitable. However, the main torch of the opening ceremony of Olympic Games enlightened us to some extent. The snowflake shape of the torch stand and the snowflake decorations with the names of participating countries and regions symbolized the “common snowflakes of mankind”. Pieces of snowflakes blend with each other and shine brightly, expressing a beautiful vision of putting aside their differences and uniting people through sports.

As 18-year-old skier Eileen Gu said in response to the nationality controversy, sport is not necessarily associated with nationality. Athletes are all here together in the hope of expanding the limits of human beings. Sports can be seen as a force for unity that fosters interconnection between countries and bridge the gap, rather than as a divisive force.

Today, sports, like a language that does not need translation, once again gathers athletes from all over the world under the banner of the Five Rings to pursue efforts and progress together. The Olympic motto, “Faster, Higher, Stronger – Together”, calls on people from around the world to demonstrate human resilience, solidarity and the pursuit of happiness through sport.

Only by looking at the Winter Olympics objectively and rationally can we show true respect for the Olympic spirit and participating athletes. After all, it is undeniable that in terms of competition venues, event organization and venue services, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics has exceeded the expectations of players and the Olympic Committee from all over the world.

At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is raging and the international situation is changing, the Beijing Winter Olympics is undoubtedly an opportunity to transcend geopolitics and promote global solidarity, peace and human creativity.

Rachel Blake
Global Critical Research Center
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