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NewsComing up: Ukraine, toy safety, fight against cancer

Coming up: Ukraine, toy safety, fight against cancer

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MEPs will debate ways to fight cancer, recent developments in Russia and Ukraine, toys safety standards and much more during February’s plenary session.

Fighting cancer

MEPs will discuss and vote on recommendations from Parliament’s special committee on beating cancer to tackle risk factors, improve health care and increase research funding.


In the wake of tensions at the Ukrainian border and the visit of a European Parliament delegation to the region, MEPs will discuss Russia’s military threat against Ukraine on Wednesday.

Rule of law

The EU Court of Justice is due to rule Wednesday on a challenge by Poland and Hungary to rules that allow the EU to withhold funds from governments that fail to respect rule of law. MEP will discuss the decision on Wednesday afternoon.

Toy safety

Also on Wednesday, MEPs are set to call for more stringent toy safety rules to protect children from dangerous chemicals and deal with the potential dangers from toys that connect to the internet.

Covid certificate

MEPs will vote Tuesday on whether to object to a decision by the European Commission to limit the validity of the EU Digital Covid Certificate to 270 days, after which a booster would be needed for a valid certificate.

Road charging rules

MEPs will vote on new rules covering how EU countries can charge lorries for the use of EU transport network roads. There will be a shift to a toll-based system and it will be extended to buses, vans and cars.

20th anniversary of the euro

Parliament members will mark 20 years since the euro came into circulation. The ceremony will be followed by a debate with Christine Lagarde, president of the European Central Bank, focusing on inflation and recovery.

Offshore renewable energy

Parliament will set out its proposals for an EU strategy for offshore renewable energy, which includes faster deployment in order to achieve the objectives set by the Paris agreement and to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

Protecting workers from toxic substances

Parliament is set to improve the protection of workers dealing with cancer-causing substances. MEPs will vote Thursday on proposals to set EU-wide exposure limits for toxic substances including those that can affect fertility.

Other issues coming up during the plenary session

  • Use of Pegasus spyware
  • The impact of Covid-19 on young people
  • Address by Colombian President Iván Duque
  • EU-Africa relations
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