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NewsAsh Wednesday and prayer for Peace for Ukraine

Ash Wednesday and prayer for Peace for Ukraine

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Following Pope Francis’s appeal “to everyone, believers and non-believers alike”, to make March 2 – Ash Wednesday – “a day of prayer and fasting for peace in Ukraine”, COMECE, CEC, the Finnish Seamen’s Mission and the Chapel for Europe invite you to join one Ash Wednesday celebration in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.
The event will take place at the Chapel for Europe, Rue Van Maerlantstraat 22-24, Brussels.
For more info, visit www.chapelforeurope.eu

13:15 (CET)
Catholic Eucharist with the rite of the imposition of ashes
Celebrant: Fr Krystian Sowa sj

18:00 (CET)
Ecumenical Liturgy with the rite of the imposition of ashes
Celebrants: Rev. Tuomas Meurman from the Finnish Seamen’s Mission (Lutheran Church) and Fr Krystian Sowa sj (Catholic Church)

Face mask is mandatory.

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