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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
InternationalA wave of refugees from Ukraine is coming to Bulgaria

A wave of refugees from Ukraine is coming to Bulgaria

According to the State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad, approximately 250 to 500,000 people of Bulgarian origin or with Bulgarian identity live in Ukraine.

They are in several districts in Ukraine – Bessarabia, Odessa region, Zaporozhye region, Tavria. According to the last official census in 2001, almost 130,000 people with Bulgarian roots live in Bessarabia alone (or over 20% of the total population there).

“Panic and long queues in front of ATMs and grocery stores.” This is how Ivan Onchev described to bTV the situation in the city of Zaporozhye, which is close to some of the attacked areas. “We cannot contact the Bulgarian embassy. We call them, but they don’t pick up. I am not against my son living in Bulgaria, this is our ethnic homeland. I want him and my wife to be safe, “says Ivan. He worries that the evacuation may be delayed because his child does not have a passport.

At the same time, our compatriot Ivan Deyanov says that he is already waiting for instructions on how to leave Ukraine.

Our Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained that citizens with Bulgarian passports are currently being evacuated as a matter of priority. After that, help will be provided for the others.

The first Ukrainian citizens have already crossed the borders of our country.

Bulgaria is ready to take in between 2,000 and 4,000 Ukrainian citizens.

In Burgas, refugees from Ukraine will be received in two crisis centers, as well as in the municipal hotel base. The capacity of the bases is about 100 people.

At the same time, the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association (BHRA) expresses its sympathy and sympathy for the citizens of Ukraine for the difficult situation in which they find themselves.

“We hope the situation will end as soon as possible and without human casualties,” said BHRA Chairman Georgi Shterev.

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