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International10 clever ways to make your perfume last longer

10 clever ways to make your perfume last longer

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

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Isn’t it magical to enter a room and the scent of sandalwood, jasmine or bergamot announces your arrival? Which, we admit, is a little difficult to achieve if your perfume disappears after just a few hours. This is a common problem with pure fragrances. There are a few tricks to make your perfume last longer than usual.

1. Apply to the points with a strong pulse. In fact, there is a functional reason why we tend to apply the perfume on certain points with increased heart rate. The skin is thinnest at these points, which means it is closer to your blood and body heat. When the aroma warms up, the aromatization process begins.

2. Do not rub your wrists into each other. Once applied to key points, you can instinctively rub your wrists or elbows together to absorb the scent (especially if your skin is quite moist). But experts advise not to do it. This just makes the top notes burn a little faster. If you want to mix two scents together – or want to wipe off some of the juice – try patting your wrists instead of rubbing them.

3. Spray your heart. Since applying perfume to areas with thinner skin helps to radiate the aroma, why not apply it where your heart rate is strongest? The scent will travel upwards, your heart will act as a diffuser.

4. Spray after showering. Spray perfume immediately after a bath, as the scent opens after steaming the skin. When you come out of the shower, your skin and body temperature are high. Your skin is clean and free of sweat and excess oil, which can buffer the scent.

5. Keep your skin well hydrated. If you prefer an evening shower, but want your morning scent to last all day; you don’t have to jump in the shower to improve your perfume. Body oil, body lotion or moisturizing balm will also help keep the scent longer. Just apply the product of your choice on the areas you want to spray and spraying moisture should help the perfume leave a stronger mark.

6. Layer your fragrances. If you use an aromatic body oil or lotion, placing it under the perfume can improve the aroma and keep your skin hydrated, which makes both fragrances last longer.

7. Spray on clothes. When using perfume water, spray your clothes rather than your skin. The fabrics hold on to the aroma – and the memories associated with it.

8. Choose perfume water. You have probably seen one of the two placed on the labels of perfumes: eau de toilette and eau de parfum. EDPs have a higher concentration of fragrance, which makes them usually stronger and longer lasting.

9. Or use perfume oil. Roll-on perfume oils are generally much more concentrated, as you apply them directly to the pulse points instead of spraying them in the air.

10. Check the base notes. All your base notes will last longer. While the top notes of floral and citrus fruits are the ones you usually feel right away, but disappear the fastest.

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