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NewsWTT Champions Macao 2021 China Stars presented by Galaxy Entertainment Group kicks...

WTT Champions Macao 2021 China Stars presented by Galaxy Entertainment Group kicks off tomorrow

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MACAU, January 18 – WTT Champions Macao 2021 China Stars presented by Galaxy Entertainment Group, organized by the Sports Bureau of the Macao SAR Government and World Table Tennis (WTT) and co-organized by the Macau Table Tennis General Association, will be held at the Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion from 19 to 23 January 2022. The draw ceremony was held today and was attended by: Pun Weng Kun, President of the Sports Bureau; Liu Guoliang, International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) Executive Vice President, WTT Council Chair and Chinese Table Tennis Association President; Philip Cheng, Director of Galaxy Entertainment Group; and players Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, Xu Xin, Chen Meng, Wang Manyu, Sun Yingsha from China, Li Qian from Poland and Cheong Chi Cheng from Macao, China, amongst others.

The WTT Champions Macao 2021 China Stars will bring together world-leading table tennis players, including Olympic champions Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, Xu Xin, Liu Shiwen, Chen Meng, Wang Manyu and Sun Yingsha, plus other renowned players such as Liang Jingkun, Wang Chuqin, Lin Gaoyuan, Wang Yidi, Chen Xingtong and Doo Hoi Kam, to compete in three categories: men’s singles (16 players), women’s singles (16 players) and mixed doubles (16 pairs). Cheong Chi Cheng is invited to play in the men’s singles.

The first two matchdays (19 and 20 January) will feature Round of 16 matches in all categories.  Quarterfinals in all categories will be held on 21 January.  The penultimate day (22 January) will see the quarterfinals in men’s and women’s singles, as well as the semifinals and final of mixed doubles.  The semifinals and finals of the men’s and women’s singles will take place on 23 January. The results of the draw are as follows:

Date Stage Match
19 Janand20 Jan Round of 16 Fan Zhendong (China) vs Cheong Chi Cheng (Macao, China)
Yuan Licen (China) vs Xu Yingbin (China)
Lin Gaoyuan (China) vs Lam Siu Hang (Hong Kong, China)
Lin Shidong (China) vs Zhou Qihao (China)
Xiang Peng (China) vs Sun Wen (China)
Zhao Zihao (China) vs Xu Xin (China)
Xue Fei (China) vs Wang Chuqin (China)
Liang Jingkun (China) vs Ma Long (China)
Date Stage Match
19 Janand20 Jan Round of 16 Chen Meng (China) vs Doo Hoi Kem (Hong Kong, China)
Zhang Rui (China) vs Liu Fei (China)
Wang Manyu (China) vs Kuai Man (China)
Chen Xingtong (China) vs Qian Tianyi (China)
Li Qian (Poland) vs Wang Xiaotong (China)
Liu Shiwen (China) vs Wang Yidi (China)
Liu Weishan (China) vs Li Jie (The Netherlands)
He Zhuojia (China) vs Sun Yingsha (China)
Date Stage Match
19 Janand20 Jan Round of 16 Wang Chuqin/Sun Yingsha (China) vs Ma Long/Qian Tianyi (China)
Fan Zhendong/Kuai Man (China) vs Yuan Licen/Wang Yidi (China)
Lam Siu Hang/Doo Hoi Kem (Hong Kong, China) vs Xiang Peng/Zhang Rui (China)
Zhou Qihao/He Zhuojia (China) vs Xue Fei/Wang Xiaotong (China)
Yu Ziyang/Chen Xingtong (China) vs Sun Wen/Shi Xunyao (China)
Zhao Zihao/Liu Fei (China) vs Lin Gaoyuan/Wang Manyu (China)
Lin Shidong/Wang Tianyi (China) vs Liang Jingkun/Chen Meng (China)
Xu Yingbin/Liu Weishan (China) s Xu Xin/Liu Shiwen (China)

The organizers would like to remind tickets holders that admission into the venue starts from one hour before the first match of the day commences. Online ticket holders may collect their tickets at the ticket counter upon presentation of their ticket receipt between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. from 19 to 23 January.

To ensure that the event can be carried out under safe conditions, strict epidemic prevention measures will be implemented during the event. The organizers will continue to closely monitor the status of the epidemic and make arrangements for epidemic prevention in the event in accordance with the relevant guidelines and requirements issued by the Health Bureau.

For more details of the event, please visit the Sports Bureau’s website at https://www.sport.gov.mo/en/sites/wttmacao, the World Table Tennis’ website at worldtabletennis.com, or follow the Macao Major Sporting Events on Facebook or WeChat.

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