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BooksUniversity of Windsor's Leddy Library seeks book recommendations for Black History Month

University of Windsor’s Leddy Library seeks book recommendations for Black History Month

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Windsor, Ont. –The University of Windsor’s Leddy Library is looking for help compiling a reading list of 28 recommendations for Black History Month.

The digital project will publish a recommendation on its social media channels every day in February then collect all the titles into an area on its collections page to serve as a resource once the month has ended.

“Ideally, we would like to highlight books in the Leddy Library collection, but we can also try to order titles that we do not have,” organizer Heidi Jacobs said in a news release.

The definition of a Black history book is broad and can include formal histories, memoirs, poetry, novels, graphic novels, visual art books, as well as children’s or young adult books, Jacobs said.

Jacobs hopes to have a full slate of submissions by Jan. 20. There are only 28 openings so there is no guarantee a recommendation will be included.

Residents can suggest a title for “Black History Month: 28 Days, 28 Books You Should Read,” by filling out the form online with a title, author, and summary of no more than 300 characters.

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