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InternationalThe face of a famous Egyptian mummy reconstructed

The face of a famous Egyptian mummy reconstructed

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The mummy, known as Shep-en-Isis, is a real landmark. It was brought from Egypt to Switzerland as early as 1820 and is popular not only in the scientific community but also among the general public due to its good condition. In addition, the mummified body rested in a whole set of colored sarcophagi.

Scientists from different countries have been involved in restoring the appearance of this Egyptian woman. Specialists from the FAPAB research center in Avola, Italy, played a key role. Earlier, researchers were able to obtain important information about this woman. In particular, it was found that she was born around 650 BC. and died between 620 and 610 BC. “For the first time, we have an idea of ​​what Shep-en-Isis might actually look like,” the researchers write. “It’s very exciting. 3D reconstruction tools and computed tomography data. “

The study focused “exclusively on forensic examination of appearance and anatomical evidence.” Specialists have reconstructed only the face, without adding any accessories, such as jewelry, clothing and wigs. Thus, this study differs from previous ones.

“The question of the appearance of the Egyptians is very complicated, because the history of this civilization is very extensive,” says 3D designer Cesero Moraes. – For many centuries it has been under the influence of other nations, so we are dealing with several types of Egyptians. Shep-en-Isis is one of them. “Thanks to the inscriptions on the sarcophagi, it became possible to determine the origin of this woman. Scholars believe that she was born in Thebes and was a representative of the dynasty of priests of Amon. This means Greco-Roman tomb with 20 mummies discovered in Egypt But for two centuries researchers have not been able to find answers to a number of intriguing questions, such as whether this a woman had children, and neither the name nor the profession of Shep-en-Isis’s alleged husband is known, but her father’s name is known – his name was Pas-es-Tienfi. in a museum in Berlin, exported from Egypt in 1819. Both mummies were found in the southern part of the burial temple of the goddess Hatshepsut, located on the west bank of the Nile, and rested in a family tomb.

Photo: Cícero Moraes / FAPAB Research Center

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