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NewsNyenabo Touts Liberia's Strong Democratic Credentials and Urges Deeper EU - Africa...

Nyenabo Touts Liberia’s Strong Democratic Credentials and Urges Deeper EU – Africa Engagements

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The Ambassador of Liberia to the European Union and the Benelux Countries, H.E Isaac W Nyenabo II, has highlighted Liberia’s strong democratic credentials in a briefing to members of the European Press.

At the well-attended gathering, Ambassador Nyenabo said Liberia, under the Leadership of his Excellency George Manneh Weah “continues to make significant progress in the areas of rule of law, human rights, Good Governance and Democracy”.

The Ambassador named the December 8, 2020 midterm senatorial elections and the subsequent by-elections of December 2021, during which the opposition won majority of the seats, as evidence of the leaps the country is making to further strengthen its institutions. The elections, he said, were monitored and declared free and fair by the International Community (including the European Union, the UN and United States Embassy in Monrovia).

The Ambassador further informed the gathering that under the new administration, the country has no political prisoners, and that politicians carry out their activities void of any form of harassment and intimidation – an apparent reference to the ongoing legal hurdle between the political leader of the Alternative National Congress, Alexander Cummings, and the All Liberian Party’s Benoni Urey.

He said the issue with Cummings “is purely a matter of law” and that “all should allow the process to take its due course”. He explained that in a case where a private citizen alleges criminality on the part of another, the “Government is left with no option but to allow due process”.

Ambassador Nyenabo then commended President Emmanuel Marcon for his speech during the takeover of the Republic of France of the EU Council, where the French President promised that during his six-month presidency, he will make relations with Africa a priority. He also committed to enhance partnership with the continent through an Africa-EU security structure, provide room for economic growth, as well as good governance. 

The leaders of the EU and the African Union are expected to meet on February 17- 18, 2022 for the Sixth European Union- African Summit in Brussels, with the objectives of outlining a joint communique towards a comprehensive strategy with Africa on five key global trends: Green Transition and energy Access; Digital Transformation; sustainable growth and Jobs; peace, Security, and Governance, as well as Migration.

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