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NewsMeeting on implementing socio-economic development initiatives to 2030 and their results

Meeting on implementing socio-economic development initiatives to 2030 and their results

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RUSSIA, January 27 – Agenda: Implementing technological development initiatives in industry and in the transport sector, supporting startups and exports, as well as innovation in healthcare, industrial construction, the environment and agro-science.

Excerpts from the transcript:

Mikhail Mishustin: Good afternoon, colleagues.

We are continuing our series of meetings on implementing socio-economic development initiatives over the next nine years, to 2030.

This week, we have discussed the situation in construction, science, education, digital transformation and sport at a meeting that involved deputy prime ministers, ministries and agencies. The results of our discussion will form the foundation for making further headway in these areas, with due consideration for the President’s instructions and the tasks he set for achieving national development goals. This is our priority. This range of measures is an important part of our efforts to boost people’s quality of life in every Russian region.

Today we will discuss the initiatives being monitored by my deputies, First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov and Deputy Prime Minister Viktoria Abramchenko.

We will begin with technological development measures and introducing new solutions in industry and in the transport sector. The list of initiatives, overseen by Mr Belousov, also includes a range of measures to create a more convenient business environment for beginner entrepreneurs launching startups and for established companies to successfully enter foreign markets.

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