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InternationalFeel the effect of caffeine and try on virtual clothes: what gadgets...

Feel the effect of caffeine and try on virtual clothes: what gadgets of the future are capable of

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From hybrid devices to fitness trackers for pets, companies showcase some unusual technologies at CES 2022. CES 2022 introduced two new categories: space technology and food technology. Exhibitors showcased innovation in these industries, while leaders will talk about the achievements and global impact of these emerging sectors. CES was held at The Venetian Expo Center in Las Vegas on January 5-8, 2022, and media days were held on January 3-4.

Technology expands the possibilities for space exploration and the creation of space conditions for life. These advances are creating new communication services and opening up opportunities for new applications in biology, human health and more.

Within the framework of the exhibition, competitions were organized among young specialists in the field of new technologies, and the Last Gadget Standing competition was held, which supports innovations in the field of technology.

The technology exhibition Consumer Electronics Show 2022 (Consumer Electronics Exhibition) has ended. In 2021, it was held online, this time the organizers decided to host an in-person event. The companies showed a lot of AI-based technologies and even equipment for the metaverse. Here are some of the best gadgets showcased at CES 2022.

Breathable earmuffs

Airvida unveiled an unusual hybrid device at CES 2022: “the world’s first air purifier with built-in headphones.” The gadget is called Airvida E1 and is equipped with Eco Ion Breathing Pathway air purification technology. It is designed to fight the mixture of airborne bacteria, pollen, allergens and even pathogen particles.

The developers assure that Airvida E1 produces “negative ions around the user’s face, which can break the carbon-hydrogen bond of the coronavirus and inactivate it.” The special rim with air purifier produces 6 million negative ions per cm³. Negative ions are invisible molecules that are charged with electricity. In nature, for example, they appear in the air during and after a thunderstorm.

The Airvida E1 also comes with an app that provides instant information on the number of PM2.5 particles (2.5 micrometer diameter inhalable particles) and pollen based on the user’s location. Users can also turn on the air purification function or adjust the negative ion level as needed.

The gadget comes with headphones. The pair weigh just 42 grams and are comfortable to wear for hours. The battery life can be more than eight hours when music is playing and both functions are on, and 30 hours when the gadget works solely as an air purifier.

The first gaming quad-band WI-Fi 6E router

The TP-Link Archer AXE200 Omni Tri-Band Router (AX11000) won the CES Innovation Award. It features mechanical antennas that automatically unfold and rotate to capture the strongest wireless signal.

Omni supports the new Wi-Fi 6E standard and has four bands available: one 2.4GHz channel, two 5GHz channels, and one new 6GHz channel. According to the manufacturer, the use of the latest ASUS RF and RangeBoost Plus technologies makes it possible to achieve greater data transfer bandwidth and coverage even at low frequencies (up to 18% in speed and up to 38% in coverage).

The router is equipped with a 2GHz quad-core processor, one 10G port and an additional 2.5G port for flexibility. The Omni is touted as a powerful flagship router, although it is still in the prototype stage. Therefore, there is no information about the price or release date yet.

Fitness tracker for dogs

Smart gadget Invoxia claims to be the first biometric health collar for dogs. With the help of a smart device, the user can measure the heart rate and breathing of a pet with medical accuracy, monitor the level of his activity (walking, running, resting, barking) and his daily routine.

The collar is equipped with a miniature radar sensor and functions as a GPS tracker. The smart dog gadget is linked to an app that owners use to keep track of their pet’s health.

Stimulation of well-being

Hapbee Technologies unveiled the latest generation of smart wearables and apps at CES in Las Vegas. The technology has been in development for 15 years and boasts 16 US and 47 international patents.

The idea is that users pair a Hapbee wearable with their phone, wear a wristband around their neck, put a sleep mask over their eyes, or lie down on a mattress pad, and select a so-called “blend” of ultra-low radio frequencies in the Hapbee app. In total, there are 25 “blends” and a line of smart wearable devices designed for specific purposes – work, sleep, rest.

These unique combinations of frequencies help him wake up, focus, relax, or fall asleep. Hapbee claims that their devices emit harmless, low-energy frequencies that mimic the signature of conventional feel-good molecules. Signals are designed to take effect quickly and disappear as soon as the session ends. With the Hapbee wearable device, the user experiences the effects of caffeine and alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, or sunbathing without harmful side effects.

Virtual fitting

Personal consultations on the choice of glasses may be a thing of the past. Fittingbox’s virtual fitting technology allows shoppers to try on glasses to see if the size and shape of the frames fit their face. Real-time rendering technology takes realism to the next level with precise face tracking and attention to frame detail. Virtual Try-On can also work with complex materials and lighting effects, providing ultra-realistic rendering of frames and lenses.

In general, the exhibition showed that now is a “turning” time in the history of mankind, when billions of people are struggling with anxiety and stress during a pandemic. Many companies create smart devices for relaxation. Technology has also been influenced by the need to protect against pathogens. In addition, engineers are creating more and more devices for the metaverse. And looking at the latest technology, you can understand what will be a priority for humanity next year.

Photo: TP-Link Archer AXE200 Omni Tri-Band Router (AX11000)

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