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InternationalAncient treasure hiding place found in Israel

Ancient treasure hiding place found in Israel

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Israeli archaeologists were lucky to find in 2021 a treasure with rare silver coins, which are more than 2 thousand years old.

An ancient cache has been set up in a crevice in a rock on an agricultural estate in the city of Modi’in-Maccabim-Reut, according to the Israel Antiquities Authority.

Rare coins were minted in ancient Tire in the territory of modern Lebanon. They depict King Antiochus VII (164 – 129 BC), also known as Antiochus the Pious, who ruled the Hellenistic empire of the Seleucids.

“The cache is strong evidence that the owners of the estate saved up income for months and eventually left the house for some unknown reason. They raised money in the hope of returning and collecting it, but unfortunately never returned. It’s nice to think that the treasure of coins has been waiting here for more than 2 thousand years, until we strip it out, ”commented Abraham Tendler from the Israel Antiquities Authority.

The archaeological team also found many bronze coins minted by the Hasmonean rulers (140-37 BC), with their names John, Judas, Jonathan and Matthias mentioned, as well as their titles of high priest and head of the Jewish community.

Later coins can be read the slogan “Freedom of Zion”. He says that the inhabitants of the estate could have been supporters and, possibly, participants in the first Jewish uprising against the Romans in 66 AD.

“Shortly before the uprising, residents of the manor covered the perimeter of the building with large stones to create a fortified barrier,” Tendler said. “In addition, we discovered hidden caves carved into the rock under the floor. These complexes were linked by a series of tunnels, water tanks, storage pits and secret rooms. “

In the vicinity, archaeologists have discovered an impressive mikveh – a water reservoir in which ablution is performed in order to purify from ritual impurity. Nearby in the shelter were found numerous artifacts related to the uprising of Shimon Bar-Kokhba – the leader of the Jews in the uprising against the Romans under the Emperor Hadrian in 131-135.

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