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NewsScientology at UN: "It is up to Faith leaders to influence and...

Scientology at UN: “It is up to Faith leaders to influence and make of this one, a better world”

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Persecuted christians - Conference at the European Parliament about the persecution of Christians in Sub-Saharan Africa (Credit: MEP Bert-Jan Ruissen)

Break the silence on persecuted Christians

MEP Bert-Jan Ruissen held a conference and exhibition at the European Parliament to denounce the silence surrounding the suffering of persecuted Christians worldwide. The EU must take stronger action against violations of freedom of religion, especially in Africa where lives are lost due to this silence.

EQUALITY – Reducing Inequality, Promoting Human Rights – This year’s Human Rights Day theme refers to “Equality” and Article 1 of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights – “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.”

The Church of Scientology, represented by Ivan Arjona of the European Office for Public Affairs and Human Rights, participated in the important meeting organized at the Geneva headquarters of the United Nations to celebrate International Human Rights Day 2021, in celebration of the 73rd Anniversary of the Universal Declaration Human Rights.

In keeping with this year’s Theme: “EQUALITY – Reducing Inequality, Advancing Human Rights,Arjona stated that:

The Church of Scientology has since its inception been occupied with promoting and defending human rights. The Creed of the Church, written in 1954 by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard, begins with the statement that the Human being is actually an immortal spiritual being and that all people of any race, colour or creed are created with equal and inalienable rights. In fulfilment of that ideal, decades of human rights advocacy and accomplishment by Scientologists […]

Today, Scientologists on five continents engage in collaborative efforts with government agencies and non-governmental organizations, like we are doing today, to bring about broad-scale awareness and implementation of the 1948 United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the world’s premier human rights document.

We welcome the participation and collaboration of all who share the goal of a world where human rights are an everyday reality for all”.

20211209 Ivan Arjona at UN Geneva 1 Scientology at UN: "It is up to Faith leaders to influence and make of this one, a better world"
Scientology at UN: "It is up to Faith leaders to influence and make of this one, a better world" 2

In his speech, Arjona quoted the Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights which in their website published that:

At the heart of human rights lie the principles of equality and non-discrimination. Equality has the power to help break cycles of poverty; it can give young people the world over the same opportunities; it can help in advancing the right to a healthy environment; it can help tackle the root causes of conflict and crisis.”

And continue with: “Societies that protect and promote human rights for everyone are more resilient and sustainable, and stand better equipped to weather unexpected crises such as pandemics and the impacts of the climate crisis.

it is up to Faith leaders like us, to use our networks and influence to make of this one, a better world

Ivan Arjona-Pelado

To take its load in this task, Arjona said,

the Church makes possible the distribution of millions of educational booklets every year. It also made possible the creation of a series of 30 public service announcements depicting each article of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the production of a documentary.

However, we are aware that the job is still not done, and it is up to Faith leaders like us, to use our networks and influence to make of this one, a better world”.

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