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AmericaLionel Messi gives his support to the academies of AFA- FTI during...

Lionel Messi gives his support to the academies of AFA- FTI during a special video presentation in Miami

Gustavo Álvarez, Director of AFA-FTI FLORIDA and Guillermo Tofoni, president of AFA FTI during the Miami presentation.

The Argentine “crack”, recently winner of the seventh ballon d’or, invites children to enroll in the academies co-created with a Microsoft platform

“The support of AFA-FTI from one of the most valuable soccer players in the world, apart from being an honor, brings the prestige that these academies deserve,” commented the president of AFA-FTI.”
— Guillermo Tofoni

MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The prestige of the DNA of Argentine soccer, landed in Florida, through a luxury presentation that had as a special guest, Guillermo Tofoni, president of AFA-FTI (Argentine Football Association, arrived directly from Argentina). for its acronym in Spanish and Football Technology Institute, for its acronym in English).

A hundred guests participated in the brand-new promotional video, where the Argentine and world soccer star Lionel Messi presents and invites all children and young people, who love sports, to participate.

In the opening video, it is observed how the soccer star explains how technology and sport came together and created more than 200 instructive and motivational classes, so that children and young people can acquire the most complete technique taught by professionals and developed in a technological anklet that measures the performance of the athlete, using cutting-edge technology, developed by Microsoft.

“At the Football Technology Institute you will be able to live a unique experience of fun and learning while playing soccer,” says Leo Messi in the presentation video.

The Miami office will be operated by Gustavo Álvarez, who through his company Free Win USA owns the management of the franchise, and along with his partner Evelio Medina will be the face in front of those investors who are interested in developing AFA-FTI in the state of Florida.
In statements to the press, President Guillermo Tofoni emphasized that it was “logical that the plan was launched in Florida because it is a diverse region and where soccer has also established itself very well.

Argentine football has the youth team with the most titles won that add up to 6 U-20 world cups and as if that were not enough, the conquest of the Copa América 2021, awards the Argentine “crack” Lionel Messi with the best player in the world for a record-stretching seventh time.

“If you like soccer, don’t miss the opportunity, sign up for AFA FTI,” Messi recommends at the end of the video.

About AFA-Football Technology Institute: It combines first-class football with technology, consisting of two parts. On the one hand there is the “School” for the development of the practical part and on the other the “Platform”, specialized software that combines e-learning with technology; Giving children access to perfect their physical, social and family development, linked to the practice of soccer.

About the directors: Guillermo Tofoni, President of AFA-FTI, through his company World Eleven Sports SA owns until the year 2030, the rights and organization of the friendly matches of the Argentine soccer team.

Gustavo Álvarez, for his part, is the Director of AFA-FTI (Florida), through his company Free Win USA. Álvarez has a career in the public and private sphere, which has always led him to represent Argentina at different international conventions. Since September 2021 he has been based in the city of Miami, developing the Sports Project.

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AFA-FTI Recieves Leo Messi support

article gif 3 Lionel Messi gives his support to the academies of AFA- FTI during a special video presentation in Miami

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