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CharitiesDaughter of a Murderer speaks out

Daughter of a Murderer speaks out

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Diane was only 10 when her father killed her mother now she breaks the silence to tell her story in the hope of helping today’s children. 

Diane Clarke, founder and CEO of a new charity, CATCHU, has published a true account of her life. 

Her book, ‘Daughter of a Murderer’ provides a glimpse into the silent world of a forgotten victim of crime. In 1978, aged 10, her whole life was changed in an instant. Her needs were ignored and her human rights were violated, whilst she battled with PTSD, abandonment, guilt and shame. She tries to fix the shattered remnants of her family and secretly hopes someone will give her support. She is desperate for love but instead suffers physical, sexual, psychological and financial abuse. Her book highlights the long term affects of such an adverse childhood experience thrust upon children across the world.

On average, a woman is killed by a man every 3 days and At least 34% of women killed had children under 18 years of age. (Femicide Census 10 yr report)

Little has changed for children who experience this type of family tragedy, so her mission is to raise awareness to enable these children to get the support they require and improve their outcomes. The proceeds from the book will go towards the start up of CatchU – The Charity for Abused & Traumatised Children Handling Uxoricide. CatchU will support children who have been bereaved by domestic homicide or suicide in the context of domestic abuse. 

     “As a society, we are aware that domestic abuse affects children but how does a domestic murder impact on them? Little is known about these children’s outcomes in the aftermath of fatal domestic abuse, they are bereaved of one parent and the other is responsible for their violent and unnecessary death. I want to provide a safety net to catch forgotten children and help them reach their full potential” Diane Clarke

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