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HealthAton against anti-vaxers: It smells like death, they don't smell it

Aton against anti-vaxers: It smells like death, they don’t smell it

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Dr. Petar Gramatikov is the Editor in Chief and Director of The European Times. He is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Reporters. Dr. Gramatikov has more than 20 years of Academic experience in different institutions for higher education in Bulgaria. He also examined lectures, related to theoretical problems involved in the application of international law in religious law where a special focus has been given to the legal framework of New Religious Movements, freedom of religion and self-determination, and State-Church relations for plural-ethnic states. In addition to his professional and academic experience, Dr. Gramatikov has more than 10 years Media experience where he hold a positions as Editor of a tourism quarterly periodical “Club Orpheus” magazine – “ORPHEUS CLUB Wellness” PLC, Plovdiv; Consultant and author of religious lectures for the specialized rubric for deaf people at the Bulgarian National Television and has been Accredited as a journalist from “Help the Needy” Public Newspaper at the United Nations Office in Geneva, Switzerland.

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The voice of God! It smells of death around us, but they don’t feel it, the abbot of the Mount Athos monastery Esfigmen Bartholomew told the Greek television Mega in a comment for the opponents of the vaccination.

“When some have a certain way of expression, they cannot denigrate the struggle of others. There is a bigotry among some people, which shows that the issue is not only medical, but also spiritual.

This bigotry, this anger, these curses express bigotry, a spirit that is completely contrary to Christianity. “It smells of death around us, and they don’t want to feel it, they don’t want to smell it, and they drag the people with them,” Abbot Bartholomew told television.

On November 4, St. The Synod of the Greek Church has issued a new district message on precautionary measures in temples amid a growing health crisis in the country.

Once again St. The Synod of Fathers calls on the clergy and pious people to strictly follow the measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

He also fatherly advises non-immunized believers to come to the temple for general worship after taking a quick test.

Finally, the hierarchs recall the mandatory two-week coronavirus test for all temple employees who are not immunized.

In particular, the message says that it is aimed at the clergy, the monks and the faithful, in order to strictly observe the precautionary measures when visiting the holy temples and monasteries, in order to avoid the spread of the virus. “We are addressing the Father’s Council for the application of the most important means of protection approved by the medical community, namely vaccination, and the unvaccinated to be subjected to diagnostic control with a test.”

It is also reminded of the obligatory double diagnostic control with a test (with own funds) for all temple employees (clergy, singers, clerics, etc.) who have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus. The results must be sent to the local church authority in compliance with the provided sanitary measures.

Finally, local church boards and monastic councils are reminded to monitor compliance with the measures in temples and monasteries.

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