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Thought Leadership and Media Insights from a CEO

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During the past month, Peter Mousaferiadis, a self-described cultural entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Cultural Infusion, has been sought after for his thought leadership and opinions in worldwide media.

On August 22 2021, he was interviewed on by Leonardo Puglisi on Channel 6 News, about the Taliban take over of Afghanistan and the role of culture in war.

In this interview, he explains how our organisation began: “I founded Cultural Infusion as a response to the impact that globalisation was having on intangible cultures. Recognising that since 1989, because of the advent of World Wide Web, we’ve had globalisation of values, and ethics.

“Our goal is to build global harmony through intercultural action. So one of the things that we’re trying to do at Cultural Infusion to better understand humanity is to better understand cultures. We developed Diversity Atlas, which is able to provide comprehensive insights into not only the extent of culture, but the type of culture as well as a whole range of other demographic dimensions of diversity.

“Representation is an important aspect of social cohesion, an important aspect of inclusion, an important aspect of equity. So when organisations are delivering services, they need to be able to reflect those communities.

“This is what’s missing from this discussion and what our organisation is aiming to understand. We all see the world differently.

“The United Nations, states very clearly, that 75% of all conflict in the world has a cultural dimension. So whilst diversity is an incredible asset, it also is able to provide solutions to being able to find ways to peace, but the only way we can do that is through a measurement approach. And that’s what we do with Diversity Atlas. It’s being able to really discover who communities are as a vehicle to building intercultural competencies.”

Watch the full interview to learn more.

He also shared his thought leadership with Oliver Gordon on ABC Melbourne’s Radio National while discussing the role of culture in war and dissent.

This month, on September 14, Peter appeared on ABC News’ Afternoon Briefing with Patricia Karvelas. Australia’s national broadcaster asked for his opinions on quotas in politics and the value of representation. He shared his belief that the focus should be on needs, equity, representation and intersectionality to ensure power is not consolidated to one group. Watch the full interview here or read the transcript.

Peter’s Silver Award for Advocacy from the Global Peace and Interfaith Business Awards also made worldwide news with numerous Greek publications featuring his achievement. The award by United Nations Global Compact and Religious Freedom & Business Foundation was given for his work as a pioneer in using cultural and artistic expression as a means of promoting social cohesion and interfaith understanding.

As a Greek-Australian, the child of Greek migrants, Peter grew up in Melbourne’s Western suburbs in the 1960s and 1970s, Peter, born Panagiotis Mousaferiadis, was shaped by the multicultural landscape of the area and time.  In presenting his opinions and thought leadership to the world, Peter is conscious about language and geopolitics. Dedicated to building global harmony through culture to create a caring, compassionate and connected world, he is working to create cultural and social change for the better. P. Mousaferiadis is also a democratically elected member of the Global Council of United Religions Initiative – the largest global grasroots interfaith network of more than 1000 Cooperation circles worldwide.

The news of Peter’s Global Peace and Interfaith Business Award also featured in The Greek Herald and Neos Kosmos, a well known Greek Australian publication.

An inspirational speaker who is highly knowledgeable across a diverse range of subjects, including interculturalism, language, history, music and the arts, geopolitics, geography, classical studies, ancient philosophies and religious studies, Peter is available for speaking engagements. To enquire or book, please contact us.

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