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HealthScientists have discovered whether it is possible to create an anti-aging pill

Scientists have discovered whether it is possible to create an anti-aging pill

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It is impossible to create an anti-aging pill, the contribution of genes to life expectancy is about 25%, while a person’s lifestyle contributes 50%, said the director of the Russian Gerontological Research and Clinical Center “N. I. Pirogov ”, chief freelance geriatrician from the Ministry of Health of Russia Olga Tkacheva, quoted by TASS.

“People are waiting for me to say that there is such a pill for old age – you take it and everything is ready. There is no such pill. Aging is a very complex and complex process. To stop aging, to slow down aging, we must also act this way – complex, “she said.

Tkacheva clarified that life expectancy is determined by a number of factors, of which genetics occupies only a quarter. “The older a person is, the more important genetics is for him. As a rule, people who have reached the age of 90 are people who have a certain genotype of long-term people at the age of 100. But in general, the contribution of genetics is 25%. , another part is occupied by ecology, living conditions, level of medical care, but 50% are the so-called behavioral risk factors, such as lifestyle, which depend on the person himself.No one will keep his health, he must to love and think about one’s own health, and medicine only helps a person “, the expert explained.

“There are prospects, genetic engineering therapy, regenerative medicine – all this is the medicine of the future that will surely prolong life. But today the most important thing is to use the methods we know well. We can’t even fully apply them today because we cannot convince patients that they should think about their own health and what will happen to them, “Tkacheva concluded.

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