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News'Lanzarote-Wacaf Air' is finalizing the details for the final of the European...

‘Lanzarote-Wacaf Air’ is finalizing the details for the final of the European Sailing League

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Ricardo Terrades’ ‘Lanzarote-Wacaf Air’ is finalising the details for the final of the European Sailing League in Porto Cervo this weekend.

“For us it is already a success to have reached the starting line, but we will fight to leave the name of Lanzarote at the top”, said the Huelva-born sailor.

S. D. Going for it. Eager to continue competing and, of course, to finish as well as possible. This is the feeling of the crew of ‘Lanzarote-Wacaf Air’ from the RCN Arrecife, with Ricardo Terrades from Huelva on board, a few days before the start of the final of the Sailing Champions League, or European Sailing League, to be held from the 7th to the 10th of October in Porto Cervo (Italy).

After winning last week’s semi-final in St Petersburg, the Lanzarote team is preparing for this final at the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda on the Italian island of Sardinia, where 18 nations and 30 teams will be competing for the coveted trophy. Two Spanish teams will be at the event, RCN Arrecife (Lanzarote), following their qualification in Russia, and RCN Valencia, as champions of the Spanish Sailing League-Trophy Loterías y Apuestas del Estado in 2020.

This competition rewards the good work of the crews and not the boats as is usual in regattas. Here the teams rotate the boats provided by the organizers of the event. These boats are all exactly the same, one-designs of the J70 class that we know so well in our country with two solid fleets in Vigo and Barcelona.

The teams can be of 4 or 5 crew members, all of them with the federative license issued by the same club, there is no weight limit, but only those that include young people under 25 years old or women can be 5. The two Spanish teams will race in Porto Cervo with 4 crew members each.

Ricardo Terrades, like the rest of the ‘Lanzarote European Sports Destination-Wacaf Air’ team, is very excited to participate once again in the final of the Sailing Champions League: “For us, it is already a success to have reached the starting line. We had to qualify in Russia, travel to Sardinia and compete”, said the Real Club Marítimo y Tenis Punta Umbría athlete, who wanted to thank the support of Turismo de Lanzarote, since “without this help, all this would not have been possible”. For this reason, he stressed that “we are very grateful and we will fight to leave the name of Lanzarote at the top”.

Regarding what may happen in Porto Cervo, Terrades said that “although we usually sail in J70 and it is a boat that we know well, that will not mean any significant advantage because it is common to the rest”.

PhotoCredit: The Lanzarote team, with Ricardo Terrades, already participated last year in the Sailing Champions League achieving a 6th place that they will try to improve / Photo: María Muiña.

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