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NewsNew heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk wears JAXET for the big Tottenham entrance

New heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk wears JAXET for the big Tottenham entrance


Oleksandr Usyk collaborated with the newly launched innovative brand JAXET for the victorious fight with Joshua

JAXET is created to inspire you to build the new world where you are a driver for change.”
— Artur Mkhitaryan, JAXET`s founder and Chief Product Architect

LONDON, UK, September 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Tottenham Hotspur Stadium hosted the heavyweight championship fight between Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua.Oleksandr gloriously won the fight for the champion title.

The team spirit on Usyk’s side was also supported by a unique form designed by the brand JAXET (which has earlier launched its collection of innovative multifunctional jackets) in collaboration with Oleksandr.
The brand is inspired by modern heroes and that is why the first collaboration is meant to support the spirit of one of the greatest heroes of nowadays — Oleksandr Usyk.

JAXET team and Oleksandr actively collaborated on Oleksandr’s big entrance outfit, having developed the waistcoat, shorts and shoes in cooperation.

When developing JAXET, the brand’s founder & Chief Product Architect, Artur Mkhitaryan, and the Head of Design and Technology Department, Vik Mankowski, drew inspiration from the technologies of the future and space motives. This was a complete match with Oleksandr and his long-term passion for space and futurism, which adds even more to the meaning of the collaboration.

Oleksandr Usyk shares his thoughts on choosing JAXET for such an important event: “Sports and technology have a lot in common, including the need for precision, determination and ingenuity. I believe that every movement should be calibrated and effective, and here my point of view coincided with the vision of JAXET: this brand works in a proactive mode, merging fashion and technologies. This gives a feeling of not just wearing a clothing item but of going one step further, and living the future which is already happening now. And, genuinely, my first impression after putting on JAXET was “I really do feel like a Superhero!”.

JAXET — is a perfect symbiosis of fashion and innovative technologies.
Brand’s main item — a jacket with built-in additional technological features — is a solution for the challenges of the modern world. It provides protection from the negative environmental impact, card and phone scams, optimizes day-to-day processes and even simplifies communication.

Namely, integrated technologies allow the user to enjoy the benefits of the wireless phone operations, simultaneous translation, NFC token, protective anonymity lens and a special security pocket.

Brand’s founder, Artur Mkhitaryan, was always inspired by innovative solutions that can change the usual perception of reality.

That is why this idea was taken as a base of JAXET creation: the idea to develop technological, stylish and comfortable clothing that will not only help create a personal style, allowing you to stand out in a crowd, but also provide protection from the physical and digital worlds through integrated innovations.

Artur Mkhitaryan, JAXET`s founder and Chief Product Architect: “JAXET is created to inspire you to build the new world where you are a driver for change. It is created for anyone who takes on obstacles and challenges with their head held high, and who wants their style to reflect their determination and ambition. JAXET is an embodiment of the boldness and vigour, irreplaceable for any achievements in sport”.

JAXET is an innovative brand founded in 2021 by Artur Mkhitaryan. The brand draws inspiration from the space and gaming worlds. The brand’s unique approach is to combine fashion and technology in one multifunctional item of the future.

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