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EnvironmentMEPs demand EU action plan to end the use of animals in...

MEPs demand EU action plan to end the use of animals in research and testing

News | European Parliament

  • Animal testing for cosmetic products prohibited in the EU since 2009
  • 12 million animals were still bred and killed for animal testing in 2017
  • More funding for alternative testing methods needed
  • Minimise pain, distress and suffering of animals when their use cannot be avoided

Parliament urges the EU to accelerate the transition to a research system that does not use animals.

MEPs request an EU-wide action plan with ambitious and achievable objectives as well as timelines for phasing-out the use of animals in research and testing. They see this happening by reducing, refining and replacing procedures on live animals for scientific purposes, as soon as it is scientifically possible and without lowering the level of protection for human health and the environment.

They want sufficient medium- and long-term funding to be made available to ensure the fast development, validation and introduction of alternative testing methods including through increased funding under Horizon Europe. MEPs also say that scientists, researchers and technicians must be trained in using advanced non-animal models and in sharing best practices.

Parliament recognises that previous animal testing has contributed to research and medical advances, as well as safe vaccines, including COVID-19 vaccines. MEPs understand that there are cases where animal experiments are still needed to gain scientific insights for certain diseases due to the current unavailability of non-animal methods. They underline however that these testing regimes must only take place where conditions are optimised to minimise pain, distress and suffering and protect the welfare of the animals concerned.

The resolution “on plans and actions to accelerate the transition to innovation without the use of animals in research, regulatory testing and education” was adopted with 667 votes to 4.

It wraps up the debate held during the July Plenary.


Current EU legislation protects the welfare of animals still needed for research. As its ultimate goal, the legislation aims to stop animals being used for scientific purposes, by continuously replacing, reducing and refining their use in research, regulatory testing and education. However, according to a Commission report up to 12 million animals were bred and killed for the purpose of animal testing in 2017 without being used in actual experiments.

Since 1986, the EU has had specific legislation on the use of animals for scientific purposes. The rules currently in place limit animal testing for research and set minimum requirements for accommodating and caring for animals. Animal testing for finished cosmetic products has been prohibited in the EU since 2004 and for cosmetic ingredients since 2009.

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