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BooksBilingual Iowa author reads books to Siouxland elementary students

Bilingual Iowa author reads books to Siouxland elementary students

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Students got to meet bilingual author, Ann Morris. She read to the students. (Siouxland News)

It’s not often students get a chance to have a book reading with the author of that book.

That’s what happened at Irving Elementary school a dual-language school in Sioux City.

The author, Ann Morris, is also bilingual.

She brought boxes of her books for the children to read.

Morris is a longtime friend of school board president Perla Alarcon-Flory, who made this happen.

“I love to visit schools. That’s what made me say yes, so I could speak to the kids and whoever wanted to listen,” said Morris.

Morris and Alarcon-Flory read to the class.

Morris first read a page in English, then Alarcon-Flory read the same page in Spanish.

“We have all these students who have so much to say and all these students need to see themselves reflected in something and so for the longest time it has been my hope and my desire to have bilingual books, not only in English and Spanish, but all of these languages so that we can connect better to these populations,” said Alarcon-Flory.

The books will go into the library so that any of the children can bring them home.

The books are available in the school …

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