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BooksFitness clinic launches books, DVD to aid Nigerians

Fitness clinic launches books, DVD to aid Nigerians

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Effective Physiotherapy & Fitness Clinic has launched what it called anointed Aerobics (DVD) and Power of Discipline (Book) on its seventh anniversary in Abuja to help Nigerians on health fitness and spiritual needs.

The General Manager of the clinic in Kado, Abuja, Dr. Babawemimo Felix, made the disclosure while presenting to the public his book entitled: ‘Power and Discipline’ as well as his DVD entitled ‘Anointed Aerobics’.

According to Dr. Felix, everybody needs body servicing therapy just like we service our cars.

“We are sensitizing and educating people to take care of their health from place to place all over the country,” he said.

He said that the fitness clinic was for people who had little or no time to visit the gym, adding that it was anointed because it was partly spiritual.

“Exercise and prayer go hand in hand. The book is about discipline in taking care of one’s fitness,” he said.

He also said that the clinic would be organizing an outreach programme tagged, ‘Fitness Fortification’.

“The programme will be taking place on Saturdays by 7am at Zone 5 Garden, Abuja and I am calling on everyone to and identify their health and fitness needs,” he said.

While calling on people to refrain from artificial foods, he advised them to avoid eating late at night, adding that junk food poisons the body when it becomes too much and it can lead to cancer and eventual death.

He urged the Federal Government to look into the demands of the striking doctors and appealed to the medical doctors on strike to show some level of compassion for the people by going back to work.

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