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EuropeEIOPA submits opinion to the European Parliament on discharge for financial year...

EIOPA submits opinion to the European Parliament on discharge for financial year 2019 – Eiopa Commission

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The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) has submitted to the European Parliament its  opinion on the discharge decision.

The document, adopted by the Board of Supervisors, provides an overview of the measures taken by EIOPA in the light of the observations and comments made by the European Parliament in respect of the implementation of the budget for the financial year 2019.

In the opinion, EIOPA points out specific actions taken related for example to its workload which is increasingly shifting from regulatory tasks to enforcing and applying Union law, its efforts towards a more coordinated supervisory regime across the European financial system, enhanced cooperation with National Supervisory Authorities and other EU institutions, staff policies and procurement, internal control and audits management. 

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The last revision of EIOPA Regulation introduced Article 64(11) requiring EIOPA to provide a reasoned opinion on the position of the European Parliament and on any other observations made by the European Parliament provided in the discharge procedure. 

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