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ENTERTAINMENTFilming of "Indiana Jones 5" is stopped due to Harrison Ford's injury

Filming of “Indiana Jones 5” is stopped due to Harrison Ford’s injury

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The earliest opportunity to renew photos is in September

Filming for the fifth film in the Indiana Jones series has stopped for three months. The reason – the injury that Harrison Ford received on the set of the film.

Last week, the 78-year-old Ford was injured while filming a battle scene on the set of the Indiana Jones movie.

The production announced that the shooting will be stopped, as he will need time to recover his injured shoulder.

The earliest opportunity to resume the filming process in the UK is in September.

Harrison Ford was injured on set

The filming of the production with director James Mangold has already been repeatedly postponed due to the pandemic.

Harrison Ford is known for shooting action-free scenes in the films in which he participates.

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