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ECHRBook, film introducing CPC history published in Britain

Book, film introducing CPC history published in Britain

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LONDON, June 8 (Xinhua) — A book introducing the history of the Communist Party of China (CPC) has been published in Britain, marking the centenary of the party.

The Communist Party of China: A Concise History was published in English by ACA Publishing Limited on July 1. The content of the book is consistent with the Chinese version, which succinctly describes the extraordinary achievements and experiences of the CPC over the past century as it led the Chinese people and steered China towards national rejuvenation.

“It offers readers the CPC’s official account of its own dramatic history — a narrative key to understanding the politics and policies of China in the 21st century,” its online edition introduction reads.

Martin Savery, editor-in-chief from ACA Publishing Ltd., told an online meeting “Film and Book: A Look into the Centenary of the Communist Party of China” held on Thursday, that the book is the latest in a series of party histories published in Chinese by the People’s Publishing House and its translation was done by a team of six translators.

James Trapp, one of the six translators, said it was a privilege to be involved in the translation of the book and hopes the work can help Western readers properly understand China and the CPC.

“The great significance of this work is the opportunity it gives politicians, historians, sinologists and the general public to see directly into the workings of the government of this extraordinary country China, and to understand the way it sees internal and external events and how it reacts to them,” said Trapp.

Also at Thursday’s meeting, British film publisher Trinity Cine Asia announced that the historical movie “1921” — which concentrates on the history of the first CPC Congress — is scheduled to be released in cinemas across Britain and Ireland starting Friday.

Xue Ling, director of China National Tourist Office in London, applauded the coincidental launch of both the book and the film, as “the book could provide further reading for those feeling not enough only with the film or for those who want to go deep into the history after watching the film.”

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